Surge Protectors vs. UPS: Which One Should You Use?

If you have just bought a brand new powerful desktop computer, you would definitely want to find means to protect it from any form of damages in order to protect your investment. This goes for all your other electronic devices as well. In searching for a solution, you must have come across surge protectors and uninterruptible power supplies, and are now confused at which of the two you exactly need. To answer that, you must first understand how these two devices work to understand their difference.

Surge protectors are meant to protect your appliances from damages caused by power surges. These power surges are caused by various things, such us thunderstorms and even other appliances that usually require high amount of power to operate. Unknown to many, even if the power outlets in your homes indicate a supply of 120 volts, the amount of electricity that actually runs through it is not always exactly 120 volts. It is very possible that at some time it can be higher than that and normally some appliances can handle these little spikes. However, when the increase in current is significantly high and if it stays that way for long, it can cause serious damage to your machines. A computer’s micro components, for instance, can be burnt and your data may be compromised. Surge protectors prevent this from happening by diverting the extra current so that it will no longer reach your computer or other appliances.

surge protectsThe main function of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), on the other hand, is just that – to provide uninterrupted power in the event of a power fluctuation or blackout. This device comes with a battery pack from which the power is sourced out. Therefore, in case you are working in your computer when the brownout occurs, you can still continue working to save your documents and to properly shut down your computer to protect your files. Newer models of UPS now have a surge protection function, too. So, instead of just providing continuous power, they also protect your equipment from electrical surges.

Going back to your dilemma, should you buy a surge protector or a UPS? It really depends on what type of appliance you plan to connect to it and your specific lifestyle. For instance, if you find yourself working on your computer all the time, then a UPS is a necessity for you. However, make sure that your UPS has a surge protector feature too to protect your computer from surges. For other appliances, like televisions, players, and refrigerators, a surge protector will normally do.

Price is a factor when considering which of these two to use. Uninterruptible power supplies are more expensive, so using it for all your appliances and machines will not be practically wise. The good news with using these devices, though, is that they usually come with a guarantee from the manufacturer. This means that in case the device fails to meet its claims, then you can ask for compensation from the company that manufactured it. Of course, this has to go through proper investigation first. The manufacturer has to get proofs that the UPS or surge protector was properly installed and configured to eliminate other possible causes of malfunction.

Overall, the minimum requirement for all your electronic equipment is to have surge protectors. Only buy an uninterruptible power supply for machines that need to be turned on continuously most of the time. When buying one, check the joules rating because it indicates how much surge it can handle. If you protect all your appliances with this device, you can sleep better at night knowing that your investment will last long and will be free from any expensive repairs.

Why Your Online Business Needs Live Chat Service

Every online business can use live chat service. As a matter of fact, it is a must if you are concerned about keeping your customers happy. What exactly can live chat contribute to your business? Here are the top reasons why you should add live chart support to your ecommerce website.

Live Chat Service Makes It Convenient for Customers

There is one big reason why a lot of people now prefer to conduct their transactions online. That is convenience. Now you are serving convenience through your ecommerce website but the problem is your competition uses the same platform. So, how will you differentiate yourself from them? The simple answer is to make a more convenient setup for them.

According to Forrester Research in a study they conducted entitled Making Proactive Chat Work, 44 percent of online customers say live support is a crucial feature that every website should have. They feel the need to have ready support in the middle of making their purchases. Through live chat service, you can provide your valuable clientele with immediate access to the assistance they require.

Sure there are hotline numbers but the issue with 1-800 numbers is that navigating through the system can be such a headache. Moreover, the waiting time is too long and not all customers feel comfortable waiting on hold for the next available representative to answer their query. Through live chat on the other hand, you can reduce wait times. That’s because representatives can multi-task so they can take multiple queries from customers.

Build Your Live Chat Support If You Want to Increase Sales

live chat serviceWhen Wells Fargo decided to leverage online chat in an attempt to improve sales, they were able to significantly improve their customer satisfaction scores. The conversion rate improved by a double digit as well which proves just how valuable live chat support can be.

When customers are at the point of making a purchase and they have a question in mind, they would want someone to be able to walk them through the process. Otherwise, they are more likely to move on to another website. But with the help of available online assistance, they have more confidence in the service and make it through until checkout. In fact, live chat can be used as another great opportunity for upwelling and create more sales. If the customer is able to interact with a representative that understands their needs then they will become more open to further suggestions. This is an excellent opportunity to make suggestions of additional purchases.

Live Chat Service Can Save Money

Compared to a contact center, live chat proves to be more cost effective. For one, it lowers average interaction costs and phone expenses. Moreover, live chat can increase efficiency. That’s because representatives can handle multiple queries from customers simultaneously. This does not only dramatically reduce customer waiting time. It also reduces the need to hire and train more representatives.

With the addition of live chat, your employees can spend much less time on the phone which will enable them to multi task. It will be a great improvement to your business operation, reduce your expenses and increase overall sales.

These are the top three benefits of live chat support. It is an additional investment. But looking at the bigger picture with these benefits in mind, it can be a worthwhile investment. It pays off.

When you make your customers happy by creating convenient and accessible services for them, you can drive sales. At the same time, live chat service allows you to save on expenses. It is a great deal online businesses should take. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting left behind.

How Misters Help Improve the Quality of Life

Global warming has caused summers to grow longer and hotter throughout the years. During the hottest days of summer, families often find themselves in search of even a little bit of relief from the heat. In these instances, the relevance of cooling systems becomes more obvious. While most people tend to choose air-conditioning units for their cooling needs, others prefer misting fans. The cooling effect of misting fans involve a mechanism that is known as evaporative cooling. This means that the fan has a pump that generates pressurized water and pushes it upwards to be blown out onto the room or an outdoor field.

The upper portion of the fan contains a mister that converts the water into tiny droplets. These droplets are small enough to be considered mist. Once the mist is generated on the mister, it then moves onto the fan then gets spread out onto the atmosphere. The fan blades ensure that the mist is spread to a wide area, thereby preventing it from flooding just one area of the house or the outdoors.

One type of fan with a mister that is popular these days is the evaporative tower fan. It not only serves as a fan, it also serves the following purposes:

  • Humidifier
  • Air purifier
  • Air cooler

This tower fan is automatic buttons that can be controlled remotely so that home owners don’t need to go back and forth just to change the settings. The fan also contains an ionizer that is responsible for its air purifying ability. Despite the fact that the tower fan is narrow and standing upright, it is has been designed to be able to oscillate by up to 60-degrees. This means that it can cool a wide area of the room or the outdoors. However, this oscillation degree is smaller when compared to other types of fans with misters with oscillations of up to 90-degrees.

Another type of misting fan that is popular among consumers is the commercial misting fan. For the price of a little less than USD$800, this mister already has the capability of cooling a large area in an industrial warehouse or an office. It runs on a motor 1/8 horsepower and has a tank that can carry up to 10 gallons of water. This huge water capacity means that the tank can last for several hours of misting without needing a refill. The fan works on any outlet that receives 120 volts and can work from any part of the room since its power cord is long enough at 18 feet.

Aside from commercial and home use, misting fans can also be used on the following:

  • For the comfort of audiences in outdoor sporting events such as football, tennis, and other outdoor sports.
  • To cool off the sunbathers at the beach or in an outdoor swimming pool
  • To provide comfort for customers in outdoor cafes and al fresco diners in restaurants
  • For providing some humidity in greenhouses
  • To give some cool comfort to pets during the hottest days of the summer season

All these advantages of misting fans have lured many customers towards buying one or two units for their home and offices. However, a common complaint among those who have been using the fan for some time is that after a few hours of use, there is a tendency for some water to pool at the foot of the tank. This is why experts recommend putting a towel or absorbent mat at the foot of the fan to absorb all the excess water. It is also recommended that the fan be moved from one place to another every few hours so that the pool of water underneath can be given time to dry up.

Issues involved in the Use of Digital Signage

LED has always been the form of display employed by digital signs for decades. People normally see LED video walls and screens as well as LED sticker signs. But then again, no matter how popular digital sign is, it still hasn’t become a major public medium due to negative factors. These are:

1. Lacking in interoperability: Digital signage software popularly used today is often closed propriety systems. It is very difficult to be able to advertise using digital signs across networks being operated and run by different solutions thereby making the upcoming media lower in quality compared to nationwide advertising media using the internet and television. There is no common communication protocol between digital displays and because of this, it becomes difficult to mix products from different vendors. This is simply the reason why digital signage software is hard to expand and very expensive to create and maintain.

digital signage software2. Uncertainly in ROI: Just by looking at the large screens utilizing digital signage software applications, one would easily conclude that it is very expensive and the deployment cost is really high. There is one alternative thought, smaller LCD screens are much cheaper and they can still be considered a significant investment provided that a large network is mapped out. One would definitely spend millions of dollars just by installing one digital screen in a restaurant or fast-food chain. Usually, this type of investment require a clear and justified ROI before it can be approved by the management and authorities.

3. Lack of understanding: Media coverage may be popular and common nowadays but the poor usage of digital signs and the lack of knowledge regarding the requirements towards successful use thereof is still rampant. This is because digital signs often display poor content or the screens are placed in improper locations.

4. Complex Value Chain: There are different factors that need to be considered or provided for a successful digital sign input and display. These are: media players, digital signage software, displays, files services, bandwidth, advertising sales, management software, network connectivity, project planning, and content creation. This complex value chain is definitely hard to manage and maintain and so the staff may very well be facing the likelihood of failing in the project.

So what needs to be done to avoid these issues and failure? Here are some steps to help avoid such a misfortune:

1. Set standards for digital signs: There are specific organizations that are devoted into the promotion and development of technical standards to enable users to communicate through digital signage software made by different vendors. This results competition and lower costs thereby making the interoperability of ROI more appealing.

2. Understand ROI: Good digital signage software are believed to aid customers’ memory and retention abilities according to researchers and studies. People can easily retain and recall information in large-scale applications used in merchandising. Today, digital signs can be easily installed and operated for a fracture of the cost and it can range from 1500 dollars to 2000 dollars. There are now available inexpensive tools and ROI may be understood clearly and quickly. A digital strategy can be best implemented through understanding and calculating ROI or ROO. There should be a clearly defined goals for every digital designs and input and one could be to increase the sales and investment through purchase. Lead can be quickly generated and increase the awareness of the brand. It is therefore important to learn the basic of understanding ROI.

3. Consolidation of Value Chain: the segments of the value chain can be consolidated including the digital signage software and business entities have been devoting time, money and effort to do just that. Advertisers can now have the ability to control and manage the entire network.

4. Understand the industry: Seminars, wide reading and trade shows on digital designs can greatly help an advertiser to know everything about the digita industry.

Could The Best SEO Company Online Be Black Hat?

There are a lot of different ways that you can get attention for your website today. The number one way to do it is to look into SEO. Hiring someone to help you build an audience through the proper protocols of internet marketing is the key to success on the web today. No matter how you slice it, you will find that you need to have a good balance between straight forward advertising and search engine traffic. Without these two working together, you could be left out cold, and that means closing up shop far too early in your run. Hiring the best SEO company is a good thing and should not be omitted on your quest to become the #1 site in your niche.

There is one caveat however,Best SEO Company and it’s the fact that every major optimization expert online is claiming to be the best. That poses an interesting question for small businesses and individuals looking for help in terms of internet marketing. Could best SEO company be “Black Hat”? This is a serious question because if you search for companies to help you right now, you may run into one of these guys and they may be on top of any search engine for the time being.

Black Hat SEO Works (For a Minute):

The kings of this type of work will get you to the top of Google, and sometimes even within 12 hours! That’s how they lure you in, but when you pay your money and you are filled with pride at the placement you’ve received, things start to collapse. This type of SEO is not what the best SEO company would do. In fact, it takes the rules and breaks them, or at least bends them to a point where it’s marginalized. Search engine platforms hate this, and the latest algorithm shifts have shown tactics like this to be the end of traffic for a lot of pages. Even if you’re on top for 1 day, or 1 hour, your page will get penalized harshly.

Tactics Utilized By Black Hat SEO Services:

There is a huge different between a company that claims to be the best SEO company and what the aforementioned types do. You can easily determine whether or not you’re talking to someone that is doing the right thing online or whether they are doing it all wrong. Look for these components when speaking to a professional:

Extreme Keyword Density – Keyword density is equivalent to repeating the same keyword over and over again. When density becomes higher than 1% things start to look really messy. For instance, in 500 words you may find the repeated word up to 15 or even 18 times depending on the phrase, and that is 2% or so. Anything higher than that and your site will no longer have content worth reading. It’s effective, in the short term, but it is a damaging element to work with.

Hidden Text – This used to work great. Hiding text and throwing keywords into the code structure, and even making sure certain words were highlighted in a color that blends into the background is definitely wrong. For instance, if your webpage has a black background, and at the footer of every page was a paragraph of keywords that were colored black so that the user couldn’t see them, that’s hidden text and it will get your site penalized.

Fake Websites and Affiliates - One of the hardest underhanded tactics to fight right now are fake sites or sometimes known as doorway pages. Not only that, some companies take it a step further and create fictitious associates and fill out websites with articles and information that link to a larger site, trying to fool search engines in regards to the size and scope of any given site.

To answer the initial question definitively, it’s important to realize that the best SEO company in the world, and any legitimate business doing good SEO work is not utilizing Black Hat techniques.

Author Bio:ExplodeSEO is a New York based best SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

3 Ways To Decrease Your Duplicate Content

With the latest changes in how internet marketing is done, many websites need to scale back all their duplicate content. You may not feel that you’ve partaken in this type of SEO from the past, but you may be mistaken as well. There are a lot of different ways that you can be duplicating work, and it’s starting to cause a lot of penalties within search engine results. You may be starting to see this in your analytics, with a drop of attention from organic traffic. If you’re not sure whether or not you have duplicate postings, writing, or anything that is without credit to the original source, then you should at least consider the following 3 ways to decrease it overall and increase the unique options. Knowing this could help you find other sites that have been penalized, and not make the same mistakes.

Hire A High Quality SEO Service

There are a lot of different Duplicate ContentSEO services that you can hire on the internet today. The old adage of, a dime a dozen, seems to come to mind when discussing this scenario. Looking for services on the web is easy, but narrowing down your search to only give you the best possible options is tough. When looking to hire someone, make sure that they have a good track record and they focus on proper methodologies within search optimization. You will want to get them to create content for you that is 100% unique and meant to help sustain natural listings. If they do not work with content marketing, then do not hire them, instead seek out someone that is well versed in all aspects of internet marketing.

Hire A Ghost Writer

Ghost writers are proliferating the internet world. You will be hard pressed not to run into an article or web post that has been written with the help these freelancers. You’ll want to partner with someone that is going to help you create natural, free flowing, text. Don’t hire anyone that doesn’t have a portfolio, or proven track record of quality articles written. If you contact someone that they don’t give you a portfolio or a link to where you can see some of their work, then you’ll want to walk away. When you get articles and posts, make sure that you read through them and check for anything that sounds unfamiliar, or that calls to references that need to be double checked.

Rewrite All The Content Yourself

One of the more drastic ways that you can work on reducing your duplicate content and increasing the reach of your SEO implementation is to rewrite everything. This is an arduous task, but it is advantageous on many levels. You want to make sure to highlight all the pieces in a positive manner, so make sure to take everything on your page and write it in your own voice. If this is too difficult, then refer to the first tip, and hire a professional SEO service, or even get a ghost writer to redo everything. You don’t want to be caught with duplicate content today, because it will prove disastrous for your optimization. There is no good way to work with duplicates today, there just isn’t.

The above methods detail ways that you can work on better content. Content marketing is staple of search engine optimization and needs to be unique, and new. Without working with this crucial element, your pages can end up getting no traffic, and over time get deleted from the records of all search engines. Even if you’re working with minimal content uploads, it should be unique and professionally crafted. Over time it will pay off in terms of organic traffic.